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Eight Great… Superhero Fight Scenes

Sunday, February 12th, 2012


Spider-Man vs Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man 2, 2004)
From the peak of the NY skyline to the roof of a speeding train, this multi-limbed showdown brings comicbook action to the screen in a way we never thought we’d see. Stan Lee always believed what the fans really wanted to see was epic, unruly fight scenes – and he was right.


Wolverine & Storm vs the Brotherhood (X-Men: The Last Stand , 2006)
Short but sweet, this house-trashing rumble sees our unusually-quaffed duo on the wrong end of an evolutionary beatdown. One mutant money shot has Logan being thrown up through the ceiling, then crashing down through it again a split-second later.


Clark Kent vs Superman (Superman III, 1983)
Never mind supervillains, the third Man of Steel flick sees Superman and Clark Kent – both played by Christopher Reeve – beating the tar out of each other in abandoned junkyard. But aren’t they the same person? Don’t ask us to explain – just enjoy the surreal super-smackdown.


Blade vs Nomak (Blade II, 2002)
Even badass Blade gets more than he bargained for in this brutal super-powered brawl. After winning a desperate struggle involving everything from kung fu to elbow drops, the Daywalker staggers away and collapses, and we know how he feels. Extra points for pathos – Nomak’s death is genuinely moving.


Hulk vs the Abomination (The Incredible Hulk, 2008)
Ed Norton has starred in many great movies, but this is the only one to feature two super-powered goliaths battering the hell out of each other with chains and cop cars. Who is Tyler Durdent? Who cares? This is the real Fight Club.


Spider-Man & Harry Osborn vs the Sandman & Venom (Spider-Man 3, 2007)
Oh boy. Our favourite wallcrawler can’t catch a break when bounced between the villainous duo, but just before he is pounded to pulp, Goblin Jr Harry Osborn turns up. But as old pal or arch enemy? All bets are off in this delirious slice of tag-team mayhem.


Thor, Sif & the Warriors Three vs the Destroyer (Thor, 2011)
The towering, Loki-powered Destroyer lays waste to SHIELD agents, Asgardians and an entire town – until the Son of Odin rises from the grave to dish out a hammer-based beating. Gleefully melodramatic in the true Marvel manner.


Superman Vs Zod, Non & Ursa (Superman II, 1980)
Numero uno for many reasons; partly the dramatic three-on-one odds stacked against our hero; partly because this moment has been built up from the start of the first movie; but mainly because the entire earth is at stake. Thirty years old and yet to be bettered. Joyous.