Eight Great… Fan Films!


Leave it to superhero fans to craft some of the best fan films out there. Interestingly enough the most popular characters to adapt are DC based – maybe it’s because Marvel has done such a great job at actually bringing their characters to the big screen.


Is it possible to make a cool Robin film? This fan teaser definitely points to yes. Grayson is investigating the death of Batman and is beginning to unravel a conspiracy involving corrupt law enforcement, Catwoman and the Joker. The teaser doesn’t rank higher on our list is because it’s hard to figure out what is going on since it is a grab bag of all of our favorite heroes and villains!



Batman: Dead End
Dead End gets so much right: the classic gray Batman suit, the pale faced joker, the run down alleys of Gotham… but it gets one major thing wrong – the ending! Batman came to a dead end when he wondered on to the Fox Studios lot and met another franchise character. Still this eight minute film is a fine effort by an obviously very talented director and crew.



World’s Finest
Donner’s Superman meets Burton’s Batman. Until we get a DC hero team up movie, this teaser will have to do. You could have charged admission for this teaser in the late 80s and it would have made a bundle.



Batman: Seeds of Arkham
Fan films can’t seem to get enough of Batman, or Nightwing for that matter. In Seeds of Arkham we are treated to the classic Batmobile from Burton’s films, an incredibly seductive Poison Ivy, and a sharp toothed Killer Croc – not to mention a few loonies from Arkham. From the same director as Batman: City of Scars, Aaron Schoenke is one Bat fan you don’t want to mess with.




The Green Hornet
Move over Seth Rogan… this episodic take on the Hornet is stylishly shot, fights are very well choreographed, and features impressive effects and camera angles all under the influence of a green hue. It gives the 2011 film a serious run for its money.



Lazy Teenage Superheroes
It would be nice to have Kick-Ass, and the guys from Chronicle do an Avengers style movie with Lazy Teenage Superheroes. Witty writing, creative special effects and playful editing make this real life superhero short a great watch.



Batman: City of Scars
What City of Scars lacks in storytelling it makes up for in ambition. Clocking in at thirty minutes it is truly a fan short film – and is expertly directed and acted. The Joker is up to his acid scaring game and Batman finds himself asking how much longer he can keep on going. In true cinematic fashion the short film leaves the door open for a sequel.



Dirty Laundry
Leave it to the Punisher himself to create the ultimate fan film with this Frank Castle one shot. A simple load of dirty Punisher shirts turns into a blood bath. Thomas Jane earned his place as the best, most dedicated Punisher yet.

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  1. Jason says:

    thanks, will definitely check it out!

  2. KMKProd says:

    Check out this group of kids who are making their own superhero movies: http://youtu.be/VKd9j-YLjN4

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