Suit Me Up: Superman Pt. 2


The coolest thing about superheroes apart from their powers of course is without a doubt their costumes. Many of us have spent endless hours sketching the costumes, the chest emblems, the gadgets and the capes of our beloved heroes.

Today we continue to look at the live action interpretations of one of the most iconic costumes of all time, Superman. You can see Part 1 here. The man of steel came back to the silver screen in 1978′s Superman: The Motion Picture and the iconic suit forever became associated with its leading actor, Christopher Reeve.


When audiences first saw Reeve as Superman all were in universal awe of how effortlessly the star captured the essence of both Superman and Clark Kent. The simple fabric costume was brought to life with Reeve’s chiseled physique and perfectly styled hair curl.


The reason why audiences were able to believe a man could fly was because that man was Christopher Reeve – the suit didn’t make him Superman, he did. Since Superman and Superman 2 were filmed pretty much back to back nothing changed regarding the costume – the yellow belt with oval remained the same, and the V cut boots, trunks and cape were all kept with the identical iconic red. It was a simple costume for a simpler time in film making.

When you’re done Lois asked for a pack of Marlboro reds Superman


Richard Lester’s re-shot Superman 2 film proved to be a hit, so much so he was brought back for Superman 3.  Superman’s costume remained the same until he was exposed to Gus’ (Richard Pryor) home made Kryptonite.

Boy you’re a bit heavier than Lois

Superman’s bizarro look

There can be only one!


Christopher Reeve’s final entry in the series was Superman 4: The Quest for Peace. Despite the reduced budget it seems like, thankfully, the costume wasn’t touched.

Always calm under pressure

Maybe we should do a Suit Me Up Rogues Gallery!

Actually Superman, the UN is hiring right now

What makes Christopher Reeve’s run as Superman so memorable was that the man and the suit were one – a simple fabric outfit, red boots and red cape was all Reeve needed to make you believe a man could fly – this speaks volumes to director Richard Donner and Reeve’s work as the Man of Steel.

A Special thanks to our friends at and for letting us use images from their personal collection and the photographers/copyright owners of said images.

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  1. Kevin Roegele says:

    Interesting the colours used for the corrupted Superman in the third movie are similar to those used in both Superman Returns and Man of Steel.

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